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Our Journey

Content Creation


There were four presentations created to aid each workshop conducted, the presentations catered to the learning levels the students. Mrs Madhu Bhatnagar a renowned  environmentalist and wildlife expert who created an Environmental Education Policy was consulted to help create the syllabus on climate change and global warming, how to celebrate Indian festivals in an Eco-friendly manner, endangered animals of India and steps they can take in their everyday lives to help the environment. Each presentation was designed in a way using a multitude of sources such as online videos, pictures and games to reinforce the concepts taught in a fun and engaging manner.

At the end of every presentation there were fun activities to gauge the amount the students had learned. The activities included a Kaun Banega Crorepati quiz on climate change and global warming,  small skits prepared  by groups of students displaying what they have learned about the endangered animals, a buzzer quiz, an interactive game on waste segregation and many more.



The workshops were held for grades 6,7 and 8 and focused on climate change, global warming and endangered wildlife. The workshops were held for 45-50 students at a time in order to make it a easier and more efficient way to learn.The presentations made were used throughout the classes and developed the problem solving abilities of students through engaging and interactive question and answer activities. 


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Plantation Drives


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