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Our team


Sarvika Bawa


Sarvika Bawa is an 12th-grade student of The Shri Ram School Moulsari. Being part of various social initiatives such as recording Audiobooks for the Eisha: for the blind, working with Samagrah to teach underprivileged children, the golden buddies project to spend time with the elderly at old age homes, and starting her own project- Mission Mask providing masks to thousands across India during the pandemic she has been working with various NGOs in hope to make the world a better place. Being passionate about the environment from a young age, having a keen interest in nature and wildlife photography and wanting to spread awareness and knowledge in the same form as she received from an early age from workshops held at her own school, she wishes for students across Delhi to have the same experience to ignite their passion, consciousness, and knowledge for the environment through her initiative: Once Upon A Tree.


Maya Ghosh


Maya Ghosh is a 12th grade student, studying in The Shri Ram School, Moulsari. Ever since she can remember, Maya has been an avid lover of animals, and an advocate for crucial issues such as proper waste management, animal rights, and clean energy. She has been a long time volunteer at animal shelters, and hopes to encourage a similar love for animals, and a compassion for the environment in all.


Ameyath Sodhi

Co-Founder and Marketing head

Ameyath Sodhi is an 12th-grade student studying at The Doon School, Dehradun. Since a young age, Ameyath has always loved the outdoors and has advocated for the environment in all facets of his life. Being an animal and nature lover, through this project he aims to make a positive impact on the environment create awareness.

Riya Agarwal

Web designer

Riya is an 12th-grade student studying at The Shri Ram School Moulsari. She has always been passionate about art and design and believes in utilising her creative skills to help in whichever field they are needed. She helped design the website for Once Upon A Tree which gave her an opportunity to contribute her skills to an organisation that she truly believes can help in spreading consciousness towards the environment among people.


Nairah Dhar

Graphic designer

Nairah Mira Dhar is an 12th grade student studying in the Shri Ram School Moulsari with keen interest in art and graphic design. Being a nature lover and annual skier she’s always been passionate about expressing her love for the environment through various forms of art. She has even started her own Instagram page showcasing her artwork, many of which is centred around birds and nature. She has designed the logo for Once Upon A Tree and hopes to contribute her skills to help the organisation raise awareness for Mother Nature. 


Medini Langer

Chief editor

Medini Langer is a 16 year old student in Grade 11, currently studying at The Shri Ram School Moulsari. She has enjoyed reading and writing creatively from a young age, being a part of her school magazine team several times, and loves using words as a mean to express her emotions, as well as a way to bring awareness to issues, such as environmental problems. She hopes to use this opportunity as a content editor and writer with Once Upon a Tree to create an outlet to shine light on issues in a way that reaches out to all audiences, and feels like she can apply her skill and interest in order to do so.

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