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Once Upon A Tree

Make the world greener one tree at a time

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Our Objective

Once upon a tree is an initiative that aims to spread awareness about the arising environmental issues that concern the world. Our primary objective is to educate young children across schools about these issues and also teach them to be mindful of the environment. We aim to have a special emphasis on how they can help the environment in their own little way and help the world become more environment-friendly through carefully curated workshops and activities followed by subsequent planting of saplings in their own school for them to take care of under supervision.


Reason behind the name

Being part of a generation that rarely gets to experience nature in its purest form, a generation that lives in cities that constantly grow at the cost of acres of greenery, a generation that gets holidays due to the deadly pollution levels and doesn’t know of a world without constant news of oils and garbage collected at sea, we at once upon a tree believe that planting trees and spreading awareness among the youth is the key to restore the green nation we long for. The name of this initiative embodies this idea and the desire to relive the green memories of the past generations so we can tell stories of our own in the future.

All photographs clicked by Sarvika Bawa 



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